I Too Have Some Dreams Published!

My book, I Too Have Some Dreams: N. M. Rashed and Modernism in Urdu Poetry, has just been published!

I have created a resource page for it here, http://seanpue.com/itoohavesomedreams. On that page, I will make the thirty poems in the book’s appendix available in transliteration, Urdu script, and (eventually) devanagari for those of you want to read along.

Book Description

I Too Have Some Dreams explores the work of N. M. Rashed, Urdu's renowned modernist poet, whose career spans the last years of British India and the early decades of postcolonial South Asia. A. Sean Pue argues that Rashed’s poetry carved out a distinct role for literature in the maintenance of doubt, providing a platform for challenging the certainty of collective ideologies and opposing the evolving forms of empire and domination. This finely crafted study offers a timely contribution to global modernist studies and to modern South Asian literary history.


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